Thursday, October 27, 2005


October 27 2005
Weekly report #6

This week I was supposed to spend my time on a wednesday night watching a choir practice for my church here in IN Lakeview. The reason for doing this early in the week is because was not going to be at the service on Sunday because I was heading back to good ol Michigan for Fall Break. The night of the worship pastor cancelled practice because of the very few people who would have shown up for it. So instead I went home and helped at my home church, Cavarly Baptist. There I greeted people on Sunday morning...............What a fun job I must say. My face started to hurt because i had to smile so much. It is very interesting though because you set the tone for that person walking into the church. Your smiling face and warming open hand is the firs thing that they see. It was interesting though to say the least. I could tell the people that were just so happy to be there and thrilled to be at church and then there were others who really could careless or had stuff going on in thier life and did not want to be there at all, but knew church is the place to be. There are so many different people that go to my church that I never knew. My church is a little small and i thought that I knew most people, but as a greeter, you meet EVERYONE!! My experience was fun and i would happily do it again.


Blogger Ben Robinson said...

Sounds like a great an enriching experience. I wonder if your observations can help us further a dialogue regarding church size. Even in your smaller church there are people that you don't know. The larger churches get the more difficult it is to facilitate community within the church as a whole. While there may not be anything inherently wrong with a mega-church construct it certainly presents some large obstacles to overcome. The Christian life should be founded in community so how do we foster that community among a church which has membership in the upper hundreds and even thousands? What do you guys think? What ways can a church keep from becoming a place where a bunch of individuals meet once a week. Even amidst smaller congregations, how do we emphasize community? Thoughts, comments?

-Ben Robinson

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