Thursday, October 13, 2005

Week#3 Report

Brennan McCurdy
Weekly Report#3
October 9 2005
Sitting with Sound board tech

It was a very interesting experince to sit with him during the morning service. I really have had no experience with a sound board so basically everything was new to me. At first I felt a little weird because I have never been any where else but a pew and for me to be up at the sound board and paying attention but not really paying attention. I will say that it is a different kind of attention. He has to make sure that everything sounds good and power point in cued and everything tech wise is running smoothly. Normally I would be just sitting there singing and thinking nothing of what else was going on except worshiping God. So at first i was a little weirded out by it, but I was able to get used to it.
While worship was going on I did not realize that all those buttons on that big board actually all were very important to making the band, guitar or whatever it may be sound good. It would truly take me a couple day it seemed to learn what all those things did. Mostly I learned what the "main" was that controled the sound and how to turn mics on and off. It was all around a pretty cool experience to be apart of and I am glad that I did it.
As a result of this observation I learned that it how crucially important running the sound board and making sure that everything runs smoothly can make or break a service. If the band sounds bad it is going to be very hard for the congregation to pay attention or truly give themselves to God. If powerpoint is not practice or on cue how are they going to know what to sing? There are so many little things that seem to be so important and if overlooked can be detrimental!


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This sounds like you are getting some good experiences. Good reflection on this one especially.

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